New Orleans Technology Services provides a fresh approach to business IT consulting – Instead of charging to fix per problem, N.O.T.S. provides unlimited support for your IT infrastructure for a flat rate. Because when IT companies only get paid when they fix problems, can they really be expected to prevent them?


–>Our services fill the niche of an outsourced technology department for business and non-profit organizations. We’re different from traditional IT companies because we provide and support your business IT infrastructure for a fixed price – we’re rewarded for success, not failure.

We were troubled to find that most outsourced IT service providers are actually out-of-state service resellers, who farm out your service needs to the lowest bidder through auction-style websites. Nearly 90% of their service fees go to their “administrative” costs, not the local technician. We are locally owned and operated. We hire only the most reputable professionals based on skills and experience. Not simply the lowest bidder.

Over 20 years experience in IT with systems administration, web design and hosting, data protection and recovery allows us to implement proven solutions to protect your data and your image, which are typically the most valuable assets to your organization.


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