Treating Clients Like Clients

“Someone who buys a commodity or a service.”

“Someone who’s under the care and the protection of another.”

There’s a huge difference here in how you treat each of these. If you’re selling a product, you typically refer to the people that make a purchase as your customers. If you provide a service, you’ll typically call them clients.

Web and Graphic Design Clients

One thing that I notice with web and graphic design companies is that while many talk about clients, very few treat them the way a client should be treated. There’s a lot of bitching and complaining about clients, and their “stupid” expectations. From what I’ve seen and heard, most of these client relationships seem more adversarial than anything else. There’s a reason why websites that bitch and complain about clients are popular.

So while many shops claim to have “clients”, few treat them as such.

What would happen if they were treated as someone “who’s under the care and protection” of the companies they’ve hired?

What if you genuinely looked out for the well being of each and every one of your clients?

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Unlimited Business Support

Our Business Unlimited support plans provides for more accurate budget forecasting for technology support. Our rates are based on the number of workstations, not hours. You pay one low flat rate each month no matter how many times you’ve needed our help. Nice huh?

The following services are provided for the fixed monthly base price without any hourly support cost:

  • Basic proactive remote server maintenance including server service packs and regular security and spam filtering updates for Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X servers and related applications
  • Remote monitoring of internet connections, site-to-site virtual private networks (VPNs), mail servers, backup systems (requires BackupAssist or equivalent software), antivirus systems (requires AVG network edition or equivalent software)
  • Annual visit to client site(s) with audit of IT systems and costed recommendations report
  • Advice for all IT systems hardware and software purchases, including sourcing quotations from different suppliers where required by funders
  • Dealing with hardware warranty issues for all equipment purchased through us
  • Basic IT systems advice by phone or email (excludes more involved or detailed consultancy work)

Compare our unique monthly Business Unlimited consulting rates to a full time IT staff of just one employee and you can quickly see the financial benefit.

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Web Design


Our clients range from non-profit organizations to restaurants, French Market vendors to Baton Rouge Bakeries. These sites feature an array of current technology, including items such as xhtml, php, flash, and javascript. Some are created inside Content Management Systems (CMS). Some sell their products online using shopping carts such as OS Commerce and Magento, which accept payment from PayPal and credit cards through

Our Team

New Orleans Technology Services’ web design team consists of highly regarded experts who specialize in HTML, CSS, Flash, JavaScript, PHP, ColdFusion and ASP, and custom databases. We are also experts with CMS (Content Management Systems) from data-driven Joomla! and WordPress to e-commerce CMS’s like Magento and OSCommerce. In addition, we have an extensive amount of experience with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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